Do I need to be a member of Beeston HC to take part?

No. While we are part of Beeston Hockey Club, anyone is welcome to attend.

What age group is my child in?*

Under 8 1st Sept 2010 – 31st August 2011 Year 3
Under 9 1st Sept 2009 – 31st August 2010 Year 4
Under 10 1st Sept 2008 – 31st August 2009 Year 5
Under 11 1st Sept 2007 – 31st August 2008 Year 6
Under 12 1st Sept 2006 – 31st August 2007 Year 7
Under 13 1st Sept 2005 – 31st August 2006 Year 8
Under 14 1st Sept 2004 – 31st August 2005 Year 9
Under 15 1st Sept 2003 – 31st August 2004 Year 10
Under 16 1st Sept 2002 – 31st August 2003 Year 11
Under 17 1st Sept 2001 – 31st August 2002 Year 10
Under 18 1st Sept 2000 – 31st August 2001 Year 11

*For the 2018-19 academic year

Is it possible for a child of any age them to come along and try?

We have to put a limitation on the ages of players for a variety of reasons, typically we have camps for U8-U12s and U13-U16s. For anyone U7, please get in with us touch at and we can discuss any issues.

What level does my child have to be to attend a High Performance Camp?

Any player aged U13 to U16, can attend the High Performance Camps.

What is your policy on cancellations?

Simple, if you can’t make it, you’re entitled to a full refund. See Our Ethics for more information on good practice from coaching companies.

What does my child need to bring with them for the camps or Performance Camps?

Stick, shin-pads, gum-shield, astroturf trainers and any other hockey equipment (GK’s must bring GK Equipment), along with a packed lunch and lots of clothes for all the different variations of the British weather.

Are there games at the end of the day that parents can come and watch?

There are likely to be no full pitch games at the end of the day, however there is game play built into all phases of the morning and afternoon sessions so feel free to come along and watch whenever you like.

Are all coaches on the camp DBS checked?

All of the coaches on the Camps are DBS checked and have completed safeguarding children courses.

Is lunch provided on camps?

No, players have to bring their own packed lunch plus plenty of appropriate fluids.

Is it possible to drop my child off earlier or pick them up later?

Please contact to discuss details and your requirements.